Infantium is a gaming platform to foster cognitive development in early childhood, kids years 0-6. The adaptive technology encourages skill acquisition on mathematical logic, symbolic representation & thinking, and languages, at their own pace. facebook. twitter.


Mi Mochila Digital is the online store for schools to sell text books and school material to parents. facebook. twitter.


Educandoo is eCommerce site of the best educative products and services like books, text books, technology and toys. twitter.


Treeveo is a web-based strategy execution tool that helps CEOs and business-unit managers involve their people in executing company strategy or projects like: top-line growth, cost-reductions, PMI, business development and others. Treeveo is simple, intuitive and more visual to use. facebook. twitter


BrainSINS helps online retailers to boost their sales by means of personalization. Our 360º ECommerce Personalization Suite includes product recommendations, EMail retargeting, Behavioral Targeting and Gamification. facebook. twitter.