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Reading for pleasure is one of the most important things one can do.

In the digital age and information society, more than ever, books and reading comprehension skills are the gates to the future. Numerous studies show a clear correlation between reading habits, reading skills and school success. Having access to great books is the driver to become a reader and book lover. As traditional bookstores disappear, parents lack guidance to find the adequate books for their kids. We are developing boolino to create a unique source for parents to find the best reading content for their kids (in all formats, paper, e-books, apps).

Our recommendations are based in the kids’ profile, user valuations and as well as expert recommendations. We are constantly improving our book database by including more references and aggregating valuations and comments from users, bloggers, professionals and publishers. Currently you can search more than 70.000 book children and juvenile book titles published in Spain. Soon we will include books in english, german, french and other languages.

boolino’s mission: To improve the learning abilities of children worldwide by turning them into enthusiastic reader. To create bonds between parents and children through shared stories.

boolino’s vision: To be globally the leading online platform about children’s books and reading, admired for our innovations, services and products, helping children to become free, open and critical minds that understand that they can make a difference in life.

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mlbbmy little book box: reading in family like never before.

For pre- and early reading kids up to 8 years we have developed my little book box, a unique tool which helps to discover the magic of stores, through reading, creating and playing. If you subscribe your child, every month he or she will receive a very special gift: one our or boxes with a carefully selected book for his or her age and all the materials for a series of craft activities and games related to that book. In addition, it includes a reading guide for parents about the book specially crated by our team of experts.

Suddenly the story jumps out of the book directly in your living room!

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